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Located in Orlando, Florida, the Brainstorm Institute is positioned at latitude 28.5225 and longitude 81.4838...these happen to be the exact coordinates where creative energy flows most freely in the universe. This fact is the most likely explanation of how the Brainstorm Institute is able to constantly provide world-class services for each and every client we serve!



The Brainstorm Institute was founded in 1999 as a consulting practice by Brian Collins. For the past 20+ years, Mr. Collins has earned his stripes in a variety of marketing, communications, and creative positions within the ranks of corporate America. He is, among other things, an award-winning writer & video producer and a former Walt Disney Imagineer, where he helped create the magic for virtually all of Disney's Florida theme parks. At various times in his career, Brian has produced work for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Anheuser Busch Theme Parks, The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, The Miami Dolphins, The Tribune Co., and AAA's National Office. He has also served on the faculty of several colleges and Universities, where he has developed and taught courses on entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation and even "Product Development for Theme Parks." He has presented at several conferences over the years and lectured at Temple University, among others.


Perhaps one of his more intriguing positions was that of a Curriculum Innovation Specialist for Florida Virtual School. In this capacity, he used his enthusiasm for the latest technologies and his talent for knowing what works to ensure that the school’s courseware took full advantage of the capabilities of the Web, mobile devices, broadcast, gaming devices, or any other communication mediums that may be out there - or are on the way.


An expert at partnership building, he has built and maintained relationships with a variety of world-class organizations such as Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Apple and Microsoft. Creativity and innovation are the marks of Mr. Collins’s career.  


Through his consulting company, The Brainstorm Institute, he has coached small businesses on entrepreneurship and brainstorming, as well as created strategic marketing plans, executed web sites and developed social media campaigns. By using a variety of creative methods, his clients have been able to expand their businesses by defining new markets, products and sales channels, all with the goal of increasing revenue streams. Brian is also the founder of WDWithMe, a consultancy which leverages his background as a Disney Imagineer, sharing his creativity, insight, and expertise with families and corporate clients alike.


Brian holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising by Texas Tech University and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Webster University where he was a distinguished graduate.   He has served on the Board of Directors for the Central Florida STEM Education Council, Forward Thinking Initiatives and the Central Florida Children’s Safety Village.



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